Leigh White


Sydney, Australia

This call will help you discover more about what is holding you back from breaking free from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, feeling confused and wanting to learn how to get results!
The calls are available worldwide by 1-to-1 call and Skype.
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30 mins
Are you a soulful woman seeking clarity on a particular area of your life?
You could be feeling stuck in life, be unhappy in your job or a relationship or something else? Or you feel the need for clarity on a next step you want to take to create your best life ever.

Leigh has created a breakthrough package where you have a single 'workshop' style session to go deeper into what you are experiencing, identify self-limiting beliefs, clear blocks to creating the life you desire and develop a plan to take action on the right path.
During this session Leigh will create and hold the space for confidential discussion with Leigh, permitting you to give yourself this time away from your responsibilities to address the issue and create a plan, receive a distance healing (using cutting edge energy healing processes) to calm your energy, deliver clarity and facilitate the change you are seeking.
If you are seeking results, don't wait another day, another month, another year. Book Now.
120 mins
If you have signed up for the 12 week Soultopia Program you can schedule your 1-to-1 calls (limited number available during the program) here.
60 mins

Individual Sessions

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Seeking clarity and wanting to identify blocks to your happiness or success? Leigh guides and empowers women and young people to live their ideal life.

Bookings available Mondays at Transform Yoga Clinic rooms, Lvl 1, 52 Balgowlah Road, Balgowlah, Sydney.

Price is $115 and credit card or cash accepted at the end of the session. 24hr cancellation fee applies.

Tues-Fri phone and video sessions via this page.

60 mins