Leigh White


Sydney, Australia

This call will help you discover more about what is holding you back from breaking free from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, feeling confused and wanting to learn how to get results!
The calls are available worldwide by 1-to-1 call and Skype.
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30 mins
If you have signed up for the 12 week Soultopia Program you can schedule your 1-to-1 calls (limited number available during the program) here.
60 mins

Individual Sessions

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Seeking clarity and wanting to identify blocks to your happiness or success? Leigh guides and empowers women and young people to live their ideal life.

Bookings available Mondays at Transform Yoga Clinic rooms, Lvl 1, 52 Balgowlah Road, Balgowlah, Sydney.

NB: Price is $115 and credit card or cash accepted at the end of the session. 24hr cancellation fee applies.

Book Tues-Fri phone and video sessions via this page.

60 mins

Do you wish you knew how to use Facebook to grow a sustainable, profitable, heart-centred business? This course is for you if ...

* You are completely blocked or terrified about doing “live” videos

* You created a great product which needs an audience

* You want to get clear on how to describe your product or service

* You feel stuck about your next step for your heart-centred business

* You want to learn how to use Facebook to grow your business inexpensively

* You would love empathetic, expert guidance so you can remove any doubt in your ability to succeed with your heart-based business

* You have a deep desire to positively impact the world but don’t know where to start

* You are an alternative therapist, a wellness coach, a health coach, a business coach or a creative (author, designer, performer, photographer) seeking to raise your profile through social media.

Leigh is empathetic expert Transformational coach for women all over the world who are heart-centered, strong and yet sensitive, powerful beings learning to create a sustainable and fulfilling business.

For over 15 years, Leigh has trained literally hundreds of people from all walks of life to let go of old fears and outdated beliefs that are holding them back from being visible or even doing "live" videos.

This course is for you if what you are dreaming of is…

* Enjoying doing Facebook Live Videos or Interviews

* Knowing how to establish yourself as an authority in your field

* Connect with and impact the lives of many in a meaningful way

* Create engaging content for Facebook that increases your profile

* Have a plan to implement and transform your business

Scroll down to "Portfolio" and watch Leigh's Why I'm committed to empowering women" video.

What do Clients say?

“Today's session was an excellent start to getting me to who and where I need to be. The one-on-one interaction with someone with such caring knowledge and abilities as you have is the very best way for me to achieve success in my life. In one session, I achieved considerably more than expected and know I chose well by choosing you as my guide Leigh White.” (CB)

“Before I met Leigh, I was feeling super stuck in many areas of my life. My weekly sessions with Leigh have guided me through the most significant time of change in my life. I’ve increased personal confidence, self-belief, reduced fear and learnt strategies. Although my journey continues, I am feeling a lot better now than I did, due to Leigh being in my life and I now have faith in my ability to create my future. Leigh combines a very easy to talk to and knowledgeable counselling approach with intuitive guidance. If you are feeling stuck, waking up during the night with stress and worry, or are seeking clarity in your life, I cannot recommend Leigh enough. It works!” (Lisa)

“Gosh, I’m amazed Leigh, I’ve got more out of 10 minutes on the phone with you than I have out of months with a coach I had before”. (JS)

Fast Track your results here!

This course will empower you to succeed using my step-by-step method. This mini course includes the following:

- A 1:1 session with Leigh (Visibility and empowerment expert) identifying blocks to you getting visible, and clearing these blocks to create space for a new plan and approach.

- Weekly training videos (see the PDF for topics list)

- Private, supportive online group community of women on the same journey to get visible.

Book your 1:1 session via this page when you sign up. You will be added to the Private group asap & begin the program.

Why this program?

*Facebook Pages and Groups are powerful tools to position you as an expert, a leading authority and to create a new and relevant customer base. You can have all of this if you are ready to get out of your own way and follow my proven, step-by-step methods to transform your online presence with ease!

*Leigh offers a unique blend of skills being decades of media advisory services/ visibility training to literally hundreds of people of all walks of life, blended with her coaching/healing approach.

This a 4 x week evergreen program. Enrol Now.

60 mins