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Initial Phone Consult

If you are seeking change in your life, you are in the right place.

When you are committed to transforming out of the past and into a new, more fulfilling and connected future, where you no longer feel held back or confused about the next best step, keep reading.

Leigh offers an initial, 30 minute call, to tailor a plan for you.

There are three ways to receive support, guidance and a step-by-step transformational way forward with Leigh:

(i) Schedule a 1:1 session via phone or video

(ii) Leigh's ongoing clients often want to learn how to tune into their energy, receive spiritual mentorship, and grow their skills at transforming their lives to become limitless! Soultopia Evolve is a private community program where, after working with Leigh, you can learn more about manifesting the change you desire into your life now, how to manage your energy, how to become more creative, mindful and intuitive. This members only community is only open by application. Read more here (cut and paste link in your browser):


3. The Transformation Academy is Leigh's signature group healing and coaching program which you can find out more about only a couple of times a year. Leigh shares the dates with her email community and her website and social media pages.

If you are interested in finding out more, schedule your 1:1 call and get ready to start transforming your life! The investment in this call sets up the foundations for your first session with Leigh and the price will be deducted off your first session. Pricing listed excludes GST (tax) for Australian residents.

The calls are available worldwide by 1-to-1 phone calls.

Book now to find out more!


To ensure you get the most out of the session and that Leigh understands where you are at right now, send your answers to the quiz below by email to leigh (leigh@soultopia.com.au) as soon as you schedule your call. It is a pre-requisite to receiving your call.

Action Takers Quiz before our call

Name _____________________________________________

1.Indicate the area of your life you most want a breakthrough in right now? .

Business Career Health Love Personal Transformation

2.Please share what you do for a living?

· self employed

· coach or alternative therapist

· professional and/or work a 9 -5 job

· unemployed right now

· travelling

· want to start a side-hustle, a business or heart-led practice

· I have a job AND A business and want to transition into full-time self-employment

· Other (please specify)

3. What is your age?

0-25 26-35 36-45 46-55 56-65 65+

4. What is the biggest obstacle you are facing right now?

5 Have you tried anything in the past?

6. If there is one question you could ask Leigh now, what would it be?

7. Is there anything else you'd like to share about what you want to shift in your life right now?

Your initial call will enable you and Leigh to both see if this is a good fit for your work together, and filling out the quiz is a pre-requisite to support you on your journey. Copy and paste it into your email and book your meeting now!

Thank you

Leigh White


Action Takers Quiz

Thank you for booking a FREE Breakthrough Session directly with Leigh White. To ensure you get the most out of the call, fill out this quiz (attached) and return to Leigh by email: leigh@soultopia.com.au

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