2019 Powerful Intention Setting Workshop "LIVE"

2019 Powerful Intention Setting Workshop "LIVE"


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There is a season for everything and 2019 is a time to manifest all you've been calling for!

But...what will it look like? What will it feel like? What if you want bigger change… to turn your life around? Love? Money? Career? Life purpose?

What if obstacles need to be cleared first? It’s not a small thing and you’d never out on a roadtrip without a road map, so be sure to start 2019 with your game plan in place.

The first 3 months are super important to mapping out your path for the year ahead. Intentions and goals go hand in hand.

This workshop provides the time and space to dive into your intentions, then create your personal MAP & vision for manifesting 2019!

Taking responsibility for all we have in our life, and all we do not have in our life is a first step. Knowing in our heart the past cannot affect this present moment, we must :

"Realise deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life. " Eckhart Tolle.

So, what are you creating? What are you resisting?

From a Numerology standpoint, 2019 is a number 3 year of creation, joy, self expression and authentic communication. You may have noticed 2017 brought a lot of our "truth" to the surface, and then 2018 was well, a bit yucky, reviewing and revisiting the past to reset and evolve. This year is the time to move forward from what you've released and really CREATE all that you desire.

I am passionate about facilitating positive transformation in your life. Here is your invitation to a unique Powerful Intention Setting Workshop, our playground in a sacred space, away from day to day concerns.

In this workshop, I will use mediation, intuitive guidance and energy healing tools to support your powerful intention setting journey.

This day will....

-Be a sacred space to let go of your current daily life
-Using energy healing techniques to support your journey
-Learn the role fear plays in procrastination and hesitation for your authentic self to be seen
-Guided meditations
-Journaling and clarity on what you want in 2019
-Remove blocks that prevent you from coming into alignment with your desired life
-Connect into your earliest, inner child desires, evoke your true life purpose
-Create your own unique Vision Board
-Ritual to anchor the intention into the Vision Board

Where? Dive deep at Manly Yoga studio

The Manly Yoga "Dusk room" is booked for our exclusive use to switch off from your day to day busy-ness and connect into your deepest desires. With mediation, intuitive guidance and energy healing tools I will support your powerful intention setting journey.

This intimate and safe group is restricted to a small number, many of which are my current clients (who are familiar with this work).

You will complete the 2019 Powerful Intention Setting workshop with clarity around your Intention and having created your own Vision board with the intention placed in it.

Your Workshop details:

Venue: Manly Yoga at Ground floor, shop 3-4, 200 Pittwater road, Manly, NSW. (website) www.manlyyoga.com

Time: 11.30am-3.30pm (tea break only) Sunday 17th March, 2019.

Early Bird Price @ $147 AUD

(retreat value @$500)

Book/place deposit before 28 February, 2019. After early-bird is $197.

Secure your spot for this Live face-to-face workshop by clicking on the "purchase" button above!

Email Leigh to discuss payments via leigh@soultopia.com.au

Here's to your vision manifesting in 2019!

Many blessings

Leigh White

Transformational Coach & Healer
e leigh@soultopia.com.au

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