Create Your Personal Brand & Strong LinkedIn Profile

Create Your Personal Brand & Strong LinkedIn Profile

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Total Duration: 36:58

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Do you wish you had a way to reach the people you'd like to help the most?

Whether you are in a job, a start-up business or a creative/ heart-led practice, you need to have a platform where you can share who you are, what you do, how you help and how the right people who want to work with you can get in touch!

LinkedIn is the most trusted busines networking platform and with over 700 million users globablly, including 10 million in Australia, if your audience or customers are "professionals" they are on LinkedIn!

Leigh created this online course for heart-led visionaries and job seekers to build a Personal Brand & a strong LinkedIn profile.

You see, your technical skills or your background experience aren't enough to bring more people you can help. Today, customers are aware of quick-fix schemes and are much more discerning, so it is who you are as a person, what makes you unique and the way that you do what you do that will enable you to connect with the best fit people. The 'you' in what you do and the way you do it is the most memorable part about you - your personal brand.

This short course will get you up to speed on :

  • why you need a personal brand to share your message,
  • how to create an effective brand with messaging that connects with those you want to help most
  • and how to optimise your profile on the world's biggest and best professional networking platform, LinkedIn!

If having more meaningful conversations with the people you want to help and bringing more people into your business or network sounds like what you want in 2021, register for this self-paced course today.

If you have any questions, or have signed up and would like to receive your copy of the workbook, email:

Common Questions:

Why do I need another platform? If you want to change your job or increase your customers, and you aren't having conversations with the people who can help you (or in business, the customers you can help) the most, then LinkedIn is the most trustworthy and easy-to-optimise platform right now.

Why this course? Leigh brings over two decades corporate experience, career coaching expertise and her own experience as an early adopter of LinkedIn and learning how to optimise it for her customers to hear about how to work with her, and in this compact and easy-to-apply course. You can complete it at your own pace within 14 days.