Powerful Intention Setting Workshop - virtual (at home)

Powerful Intention Setting Workshop - virtual (at home)


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By popular demand Leigh's LIVE workshop is now available for you to enjoy anywhere, anytime! This course is a half-day workshop recording and you can do this in stages, as each section is separate, or you can set aside time to do it in a morning or afternoon at your leisure.

Not only is this Powerful Intentions Setting "at home" Retreat a truly transformational process, but you will be able to enjoy the creative time out at your leisure, your own time, anywhere you choose (at home is fine!).

Format - During Leigh's 'live' workshop with the guidance was recorded for you to use as a virtual retreatin the comfort of your own home, or wherever you decide!

Workshop attendees explored what they'd love to create in their life, more happiness, personal change and breakthrough, a new job or life, more abundance, prosperity or something else.

It is scientifically proven that Writing your Goals down leads to hugely increasing the chances of achieving your goal. Add to that, the creation of a personally tailored Vision Board to really capture what you desire, and you will be on the road to successfully manifest the change you desire!

So, it is no accident you've found this 'at home' retreat! What are you wanting to create? Do you dream of a better relationship, or a happier life, or your ideal job - or even having your own business?

You can access this half-day workshop at a fraction of the Live event investment, so you have the freedom to set your intentions at home in your own time. These audio recordings include a step-by-step process, meditations and powerful processes to manifest your ideal outcomes like never before. Start now by clicking the blue 'purchase' button above & we will email you the retreat audio files and worksheets ASAP (allow 1 working day maximum).


(a) Entire Workshop Audio and worksheets now @ $27 (AUD) book online

(b) contact Leigh to ADD 2 Live Video sessions with Leigh via high quality video line, all from the comfort of your own home. Enquiries email leigh@soultopia.com.au

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