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SOULTOPIA EVOLVE – members only community

Are you ready to close the door on the past? On what has not worked out the way you’ve intended, on past versions of yourself that you are ready to leave behind?

Leigh has been guided to create the community where the guidance coming through her work can be shared with you, to accelerate your transition into the next level you. YOU 2.0!

Why now? After many years of serving clients 1:1 and creating communities in the realms of mental health (around suicide bereavement) and Transformational Coaching Leigh has been guided to create this space for your sacred journey.

This is your personal invitation to get out of stuck-ness and on the road to massive personal transformation! Instead of settling for time slipping by and something always getting in the way of having the life you want, Leigh is offering a first-time-ever community of committed people who are ready to have 2.0 !

Whether you seek emotional connection, income, fulfilment, or something else, whatever your soul is calling for, you will remain blocked until you get to the roots of the blocks – and weed them out with ease and grace in a nurturing environment, once and for all!

If you are curious about learning how to tune into your energy, how to cultivate a better daily practice (setting intentions and meditation, etc.), be a magnet for better relationships or improving your job or passion-project, now is the time. Join Leigh in co-creating the clear path out of the mud and into the lotus pond of your life!

Soultopia Evolve Community, a members only group community, since 2021!

Bringing together guidance from Leigh’s years of teaching others, as a participant in Soultopia Evolve Community you will receive new guidance and insights, trainings and healing tools every.single.month. That's right, every month!

Along with new resources, you'll also have member only access to regular live calls with Leigh, soulful signature events with hand-picked guest speakers, women's circles and more!

What’s in it for me?

-         Support to get clear on specific blocks, repeating cycles of negative experiences or not having what you truly want in your life.

-         Identify and clear the blocks to your expansion.

-         New habits and powerful mindset tools to shift your energy completely

-         Anchor your energy with the healing and support processes Leigh shares in private 1:1 sessions.

Sounds good, what does it include?

-         New topics each month.

-         You will be actively co-creating the course through our closed group discussions, so you get to ask for and receive your most-needed tools as a group. (examples are how to journal for healing, quantum healing, mindset tools, clearings, healing mediations, distance healings, etc.)

-         Master healing processes/ tools will be shared by Leigh with the group so each and every one of you has the power to receive expansive healing and activations.

-         Group Circles designed to: clear past cording and limiting thoughts or blocks to your energy flow, identify supportive beliefs to instill in your energy and healings to support your expansion.

-         Private group community to share your revelations on this sacred journey and receive support from other like-minded, dedicated participants.

What if I miss a live session? It makes no difference, energy knows no limits of time/space, and you can re-listen to the healings while you are a member of the community.

Great! Where do I sign up?

-         This unique membership is a month-to-month dedicated space for your sacred journey.

-         First month risk-free trial is discounted & after the trial period, payments are month-to-month.

-         BONUS OFFER- Join for 6 months and receive a bonus month! The 6-month subscription. see link below:

-         The initial founding Membership closed April 2021 and the next opportunity to join will only be opened again periodically. Watch this space!

When the doors open again..keep reading

Ready to meet YOU 2.0? 

(i) Click “purchase” button to subscribe today for your first month, no-risk inexpensive trial!

(ii) Bonus (2) If you like saving $ and a one-off payment, register as founding member for 6 month membership (+ big savings)

Still considering whether this is for you? It is said there are many seasons of life, a time to let go, a time to transform and a time to create or express the fullest version of yourself.

Taking 100% responsibility for what is in your life, and what is not in your life is the key to opening the door to your expansion – one step at a time.

There truly is a season for everything and if you are ready for change, now is your time!

T&C’s: Membership can be cancelled with one months’ notice. Payments are deducted once a month excluding 6-month bonus subscriptions.

  About Leigh White

Why am I committed to empowering women to create their best life possible?
This video explains why I became a Transformational Coach, Author and Speaker with a passion to coach and guide women on their journey to enable them to positively transform their lives, clear blocks to living a fulfilling life and to heal the past.