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The Transformation Academy ⚡

Finally, a proven step-by-step method to breakthrough! 

 Are you ready to align your energy for more confidence, clarity and to live an inspired life? 




The Transformation Academy 


In this program, you will get clear on what is holding you back, release self-limiting beliefs at a deep level, have the support to create a clear vision and become limitless in all areas of your life! 


· What would your life look like if it was limitless? 

· You didn’t come here at this time to play small, hold back, and let others have all the fun! 

· Somewhere along the way in life we all face set-backs and loss that change how we truly feel about ourselves. 

· Feeling unworthy of happiness and great relationships and careers, or creativity. 

· No achievements really stack up when your inner world feels unfulfilled. 

· Feeling held back, full of self-criticism and doubt getting in the way of happiness. 


Living in survival mode is a common problem until we decide to follow a proven method with the right tools to align our energy, thoughts and actions with the quantum leaps we truly desire. 


Are you worth investing the time and money into? If you are ready to start over, reboot your life and transform into the inspired woman you are meant to be, this is for you! 


The Transformation Academy is currently closed. Be sure to join the VIP waitlist and be the first to hear about when we are open! Cut & paste link into your web browser: https://soultopia.activehosted.com/f/9

  About Leigh White

Why am I committed to empowering women to create their best life possible?
This video explains why I became a Transformational Coach, Author and Speaker with a passion to coach and guide women on their journey to enable them to positively transform their lives, clear blocks to living a fulfilling life and to heal the past.