$1.00 per month
Distance Healing

This deeply healing session will address blocks to your inner well-being which are often due to changes in life, feeling overwhelmed, complex relationships or other types of emotional trauma.

Prior to the session we will discuss your needs via email or phone, and at the agreed time I will connect with your life force energy, with your permission, and intuitively receive guidance as to the appropriate clearings and healings to be facilitated using Serenity Healing and Reiki.

The healing is delivered at an agreed time when you will be relaxed, maybe at home, or sitting / lying quietly.

Following the remote session, I will provide an email or audio message with insights about what came up during the session, for your review at your leisure. This way, the work is done remotely but the information can be received by the conscious mind when you listen or read it.

You can anticipate feeling more relaxed and calm, more grounded and enable you to move forward with the change in life you desire.

Session duration 60 minutes (includes phone call prior and follow up)

Invoice will be sent prior to session. Prices exclude GST (10% tax). Payment options: credit card or cash transfer.

Thank you.

Discussion of your needs.